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Andrejs Strods together with partners has created a system that simplifies everyday work of medical staff and improves customer experience. The service is not expensive, but is profitable, for users and for the comany.

...He has created the system that allows computerizing of relationships among patients, medical facilities and insurers, removing lots of paperwork and processing insurance payments in seconds. This product became popular among insurers, like Balva, Balta, BTA, Seesam, and medical facilities: hospitals and medicals centres, such as Veselibas centers 4.

...Blue Bridge Technologies’ idea was initiated five years ago and is still innovative as it continues to evolve in the market. The basis of new business is simple. In the past, people created a number of problems for medical staff and others patients, insuring their health. Patients had to wait for 20-30 minutes, while a receptionist looked for a patient’s medical card and the contract terms of his or her insurance policy, check the list of services and compensations, calculate patient’s payment amount and then formalize all the documents. Now, if an insurer chooses to cooperate with Blue Bridge Technologies, it has available the system technology and patient insurance cards, which are similar to credit cards and which enable all checking and payment processes to happen electronically and in seconds. The Blue Bridge Technologies’ system gives all information about the patient’s compensations, limits, services and payments. All the data are saved and remain to archive in the medical facility...

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