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Insurance calculator INMEDICAS

In 2007 Andrejs Strods... together with two partners founded the company Blue Bridge Technologies to develop IT solutions. One of the company’s products – Inmedicas – data exchange between insurance companies and medical facilities in real-time, also calculates instantly the compensation of medical procedures for concrete health insurance policy and patients’ payments.

...“Resources and time savings are from both sides, because the transaction is processed quickly and accurately, according to enclosed algorithms, insurance compensation is automatically calculated within seconds,” says Strods. The business idea emerged when Strods came to a doctor half an hour before closing and wanted to pay with his insurance card. As the doctor had to write many papers, he just asked to pay for the service by himself. That was the point when Andrejs decided that using IT in a smart way there must be a way to improve efficiency in the medical insurance industry.

Four and a half years since the company’s foundation, six insurance companies and 500 medical facilities in Latvia use the offered system. There were processed several million transactions...

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