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Blue Bridge Technologies (USA, UK, Spain, Germany and Latvia) – company was founded in 1993. It offers technologies for the health care industry since 2007. One of the offered solutions is INMEDICAS –

INMEDICAS solution is a modern and timely response to the increasing demand for flexible and affordable IT tools in the private health care sector. Previous technologies were not always effective and did not accommodate the new needs, generated dissatisfaction among payers, providers and other persons involved in this industry.

A lot of current solutions do not decrease administrative costs, protect against human errors and don not guarantee data privacy and protection. This is a high risk for business and it has an important role that is often not valued properly.

INMEDICAS is a distributed platform that connects care providers, patients and payers to enable collaboration and efficiency. It is based on cloud technology and web interface. It integrates easily with other information systems and platforms, and is constantly extended and improved by dedicated team of INMEDICAS developers. As additional benefits the system allows speeding up 10-fold the transaction processing, decreasing administrative costs by 30%, avoiding 70%-100% of fraud and eliminating 90% of errors of medical personnel, as well as it guarantees data privacy and protection.

Now Blue Bridge Technologies is developing a pilot project with ACES. Key issues in the stage of start-up are legal risks, administrative costs, privacy and data protection.

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