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a solution for health insurance companies in Europe and in the USA. It automates routine tasks, simplifies and speeds up the calculation of insurance compensation and the billing process with health care providers. It helps to improve cooperation with health care providers’ network, as well as simplifies creation of new insurance products.

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a solution, that simplifies data protection, control and exchange in your organization. It is very easy to use and it complies with requirements of the law. Protecting patient data, you protect your organization from risks of penalties. Our solution was developed in collaboration with Catalan Association of Health Organizations (ACES).

OJMAR, N-tree solutions
www.ojmar.eu | www.n-tree.com

Blue Bridge Technologies SIA offers OJMAR (Spain) and n-TREE (Austria) solutions for Latvia, CIS countries and Russia. Electronic wristband systems of these vendors can be perfectly integrated with other software, provide safe and correct access, access control and management in health and fitness centres, swimming pools and hotels. Product range includes different types of access equipment, like card and chip readers, electronic and mechanical locks, as well as wristbands.


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The 7th Annual Health Excellence Conference
The Health Insurance market continues to face numerous changes and challenges that require fast and efficient adaptation and new tailor made products for the changing needs of the population.

With the newest reforms and shifts in healthcare models, the demand for quality health insurance policies grows as well as the demand for new and innovative products. Insurance companies and healthcare providers need to be innovative and able to follow the trends in order to stay ahead of the competition and to offer superior services.
Andrejs Strods speaks at eHealth Week 2015 conference
Andrejs Strods, Founder and CEO of Blue Bridge Technologies, moderates and speaks at the health economics session of Ministerial Track at eHealth week 2015.

The well attended Ministerial session “The Bottom Line: Funding Models for ICT in Times of Austerity” served as a good reminder that eHealth is not the goal of itself. It is subordinate to the higher goal of improving health and providing health care to populations. And this should be the ultimate measure of the value returned by eHealth investment.
BBT field trip to Capital Clinic Riga within eHealth Week 2015
The second day of the exhibition eHealth Week 2015 ended with a very interesting field trip to the high level private clinic in Riga - Capital Clinic Riga. Tour participants were met in the modern premises of the clinic with director of the clinic Evija Mirzojana and general practitioner Dana Misina. They've presented clinic's everyday work and demonstrated SmartMedical system in practice.

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